Spunky by no owner he was at the shelter / Caitlyn/mommy for a lil bit

I brought you home after you was taking to the animal shelter to see how it would go. My mommy wouldn’t let me keep you. You were my bestfriend. I cried when I put you back in the cage. I cried when I found out you were taking in a home. They didn’t want you obviously so I was happy came to find out you died..You were the best thing I had.

I love you, Spunky. I hope you have fun up there with all other dogs tell Bair, Whitesox and all of the others Hi and I hope you have fun. I love you alot. I don’t know how else to put it..you stuck by me for the time I had you. You didn’t like no one else. I appriciate that..


Love you Spunky alot,

17, Feb 2006
no owner he was at the shelter