Spunky by Ruby Romine / With much gratitude to God,

Spunky came to us on Mother’s day 1996. I wanted a kitten that year
so my son who was 14 at the time
tried to get me one from his teacher
whose cat had just had kittens.

By the time he asked her, they were all gone.
Just a few days from then a mother cat
brought her 2 kittens to live under our front porch.
I kept a close eye on them and
got to know her and the babies.
Soon they were 6 weeks old
and she began to wean them.
I took the male into my house
and he made up with me immediately.
I found a home for the mother and other kitten.

We moved in August of 1998 to another town. Two days before Christmas, Spunky somehow got out of the house.
It was a cold rainy night
I tried so hard to find him,
but to no avail.
I put ads in the news papers and called Vets all over
trying to get as much help as I could.
I never found him.

A kind lady saw my ads and called to ask if I would like a kitten.
I hesitated but soon fell in love with one she gave me.
I named him Linus.
Then in June of 1999, my son came home with another kitten.
He named her Sydney.
Well low and behold the very next month (July)
Spunky showed up right in our front yard.
He was very thin and had a terrible sore under his left arm.
I brought him in and nursed him back to health.
I took him to the Veterinarian for a check up and shots.
Lovingly we now have 3 wonderful cats in our home.
This is my miracle!!
God Bless!


Ruby Romine