Squeak by Laurel

The Great Cat Goddess Bast looked down at her son and said Kitty Mau it’s time that you come home to where you are again young and free and there is no more pain to hinder thee. Come to the Summerlands I’ll show you the way to where Zachary and Gizmo are waiting to play. So the beautiful Squeakers looked at Mom and Dad and said Please let me go now and don’t be sad. This body I’m in now is so full of pain let me go to the Summerlands and live again. Zachary and Gizmo are waiting for me we all will come back to see you you’ll see. You’ll feel the light touch of our paws in the night just checking to make sure you both are all right. I promise we’ll come back Mom and Dad you see the Great Cat Goddess Bast promised it to me.

Written by Laurel Zanardelli
November 2 2000


30, October 2000