Squeaky Watkins by Marshall Watkins / Marshall Watkins

For My Beloved

If my tears could have made my beloved well,
I have already cried an ocean,

If my kisses could have brought him comfort,
I would have drown him in them

If my wishes could have made him strong,
he would have had the strength of thousands,

If my voice could have brought him peace,
I would have sung him a billion songs,

If I could have taken away his pain,
I would have suffered thousands of subtle

If my love could have given him life,
he would already been immortal

But only God could have loved him more than
me, and so he took him from me.

Now, he resides in the loving, caring arms of
Jesus Christ my Lord
Where now he waits for me on the day when I
escape this existence.


Dedicated to the memory of my Beloved Cat,
who died August 27, 2005
Squeaky Watkins
27, Aug 2005
Marshall Watkins