Star by The Smith’s / The Smith’s

Star was adopted on March 3, 1997 from our local shelter while she was small and eventually grew into a very big dog.

Sadly, she developed hip dysplasia and towards the end, she had malignant lymphoma which finally claimed her life on
November 28, 2003.

There are many things about her that we will miss. She loved plushies that squeaked. We’d buy her squeakable plushies and she’d destroy the squeaker in them before the day was over.

Her barking was extremely loud when she demanded treats. We used to have a black pan that hung on the wall and
when she barked, the pan rang.

Sadly, this house will definitely be much more quieter now that she has left us. She’ll never be forgotten. Because she had left us so close to Christmas, this year the tree is dedicated to her. We put her last plushie, a moose, on the tree so that she’ll be remembered.


We love you and miss you,
The Smith's