Starfrost Caprice

Feb. 16 1986 —- Aug. 18 2000

Pygmy Goat

Starfrost Caprice came to me in early 1994.

She was given to me by her former owners Three very caring kind

ladies and dear friends. There main goal was to let the Old Girl live out

what was thought to be her last year or two in my pasture in grass

up yo her belly and the huge shade trees.

Much to everyones surprise she lived longer than that year or two.

She managed to work her way into our hearts.

Her cripple legs from old age cared her out of the barn to the pasture

and back daily she would often play with the younger goats as thou

she were a youngster. She well now run in another green pasture

with no pain and on healthy legs again.

I wish you well old girl and may you now run thru

green pastures with the grace of a proud Old girl.

You will be missed dearly.



Starfrost Caprice