Dear Mommy Claudia,

Please don’t be sad, do not cry, do not suffer for me.
I just arrived to Cat Heaven and I am no longer suffering or feeling pain.
All kitties came to the entrance to welcome me and showed me around.
There is really everything here: food, fresh water, toys, wonderful flowers, green grass and many kitties to play with… Now I know why it is called Cat Paradise!
My dear, sweet mommy, I miss you immensely too but I know that one day we will meet and be together again. Until then, I will stay in your heart and around you just as you are and will always be in my heart. Do not worry mom, and rest assured NO one can or will replace you! Please think of the happy times we shared and if you look at the sky you will spot me. The brightest star to the right mom. It’s me. I MEOW YOU!!