Stinker by Laura


" Stinker "




This is a poem to all who have lost a beloved cat and is dedicated to

those cats who have passed to the Rainbow Bridge before the

ones they love.



My Cats Just A Cat!


My cats mean the world to me

They see what I cannot see

The give me love and understanding

In a world of distress

My cats are not "just cats" to me

They are my life you see


They listen and do not criticize

The way I feel or how I am

My cats are my first priority

Because they mean life to me


You may not understand the way I feel

But somehow they help to make me heal

They make me heal in the love they give

They never hurt me or put me down

They give me joy just to see them happy

The way I wish I was


My cats you see do not ask much of me

they love and cherish the way I am

For I am not of the normal kind

But they don't seem to mind


My cats are not Just Cats to me

They give me life in a world I cannot see

They give me joy where there is pain

I cannot really explain


So Please do not put me down for the way I feel

My cats have kept me somewhat real

They may be just cats to you

But to me they are my reality


Reality is vague to me

Cause sometimes I cannot see

But they are there to keep me sane

In a world that otherwise seems to distend


My cats are my first priority

Because they mean the world to me

They ask of nothing in return

For the love I feel they do not turn


I may be wrong you say

I may be unstable also you say

But my cats are my happiness and give me joy

So what price can you give what then can give?


The money you say is way too much

The money you say is such a waste

To give to "just a cat" is such a shame


You should be first before the cats

For they are nothing but just "cats"!

This may be getting to be quite long

This is my inner most hungry song


That my cats are my life

I do not know why

Maybe God can tell you why

He made all creatures great and small

Who are you to tell HIM why?


He made the CAT so perfectly

To give us hope that we may see

That cats can give us happiness

And that some of us will care


For the creature that He has created

And make sure it becomes not "just a cat"

A cat to torture

A cat to mistreat

A cat to cast upon the street

A cat to not care in this world of distress

A cat not to care what will happen

To it or it's babies to show no compassion


The Lord God Almighty has created the CAT

The Lord God Almighty gave them to us

To bring us joy and happiness

And teach us to love

As HE loves HIS cats!


By Lynn Stickels and dedicated to her Bridge cat Stinker.

May he happily chase the butterflies he had yet

to catch on Earth.