Looks Like Rain (Stripe’s Song)

Looks like rain clouds again
filling up the sky
But we dance and
let the clouds go by.

You and I little one
we have all the sun;
we have more than anyone.

Sailing we have all the light
making memories.
Oh my friend let it rain.
We’ll hold up the sky
dancing on the shore of life.

Adrift on a weary ocean
so long I forgot my name–
as the years rolled by
I had no care to find
my way back home.
Cast away I sailed off alone.
But you led me home
my anchor in the foam.

Here we are my old friend
at our Journey’s end.
We have made our memories.
Looks like rain drops again
filling up my eyes
as I seek the words
to say good-bye
looks like rain.

copyright December 2001



8, Dec 2001