June 12 1985 —- April 5 1998


As a child I had suffered from an abusive past and had pushed

the memories into the very back of my mind.

In time the memories came back when I was in my late 20’s.

Many times I thought of ending it all but then there was my beloved lab–Sugar.

The thought of who would care for her kept me hanging on to life.

She was my best buddy and pal for almost 13 years.

Many many times we walked into the woods near our home

and played in the creek. This was a blessing.

Well she is gone now. She got very sick and had to be put to sleep.

Her bowel had ruptured and she never was able to recover from the surgery.

My vet Dr. Andy Cherry called me about 5pm on that Sunday because

she wasn’t doing well. My friend Elaine and I went to see her.

A small white dog and a big black dog kept barking.

At the time it bothered me but Sugar was able to wake up enough

to use all her strength to kiss my hand and my lips when I got close

to her so she could smell me and I could kiss her.

The CALL came from Dr. Cherry at about 9:30 telling me we needed to

put her to sleep. He waited the 15 minutes it took for Elaine and I to

drive down to the vet. Elaine had woke up from a sound sleep.

After we got there Dr. Cherry suggested I lay beside her and hold her

when we put her down. I did and to my amazement all the animals were quiet.

It was Palm Sunday and I put my arms around her for the last time and

opened them up and gave my beloved Sugar into the everlasting

arms of Jesus.

Looking back now I am sure the animals knew what was going on.

I think those dogs barked so much as if to say

“Wake up now to tell your Mama good-bye little one.

As I left I looked at both of the dogs who had barked and said

“Thank you!” As I looked at that big black dog he had a kind look on

his face as if her was trying to say “Yes,

I know and I am sorry you had to say good-bye to your best friend.”

Yes animals do know. I am so thankful for the blessing of these beloved

creatures and I will be forever thankful for how I was blessed by the love of

my beautiful lab Sugar who God let be used as therapy to a

hurt but healing soul.

All creatures great and small God bless them all.

And yes now the pain of my past has been healed and I have wonderful

memories of my beloved spoiled pet–Sugar who by the way looks

like the dog Arnold on the show Life Goes On.

And yes life does go on!

Thank you my little Sugar Pie.