Sumo by Edna



December 24 1994 ----- September 18 1999

Chinese Shar-Pei

What will I do without you.

You were my pride and Joy,

Playful Loving and Loyal

Mommy's Baby Boy.


It seems your greatest joy in life,

Was being close by my side,

Chasing squirrels and kitty cats or,

Your favorite...going for a ride.


I know you thought you were human.

We all know it could have been true.

Treats of steak and chicken,

There was no greater puppy dog than you.


Thanks for staying here with me,

My loving little friend,

For all those days of company,

A friend until the end.


A few short years were all we had,

And on the day we had to part,

I promised you for the rest of my life,

I would carry you close to my heart.