Sunflower by Erica / Erica

When I got Sunflower, I was so happy. I named her Sunflower because she ate a lot of sunflower seeds. Sunflower liked to escape, eat, run on her wheel, do flips on my hand and sleep. When I saw her, there were two hamsters left and I picked Sunflower. Sunflower was my best friend.

One time when we were on vacation and my brother’s friend was watching my cat Sasha, my brother’s hamster Flip, and Sunflower. When we got back, there was a note. It said, “Dear Erica, I’m very sorry Sunflower escaped. I will buy you a new hamster.” I ran upstairs and downstairs looking for her. When I was asleep, my mom and dad woke me up. They found Sunflower! I was so happy.