Sunny by Becky, Nick, Joshua and Colton / A family that misses you

My Dear Old Friend

My dear old friend, You have lost the strength in your tired body and your legs will not hold you anymore. I no longer see a shine or sparkle in your eyes. You try to hold your head up high but your spirit I see is so broken. You have given your best in the long life you have lived. A dear friend to me you have been. If only I could have one wish today. I would give you your youth.

My dear old friend, May you pastures be greener on the other side. May your eyes sparkle with new life. May you have spirit in your heart. May you feel the wind in your mane once more. May you hear the gallop of your hoofs. May you remember the long life you lived. Remember my old friend……me.

I will hold your spirit in my heart. I will hold life’s hard lessons too. In the evening sunset or the midnight stars above, I will see you my dear old friend. In the thunder, I will her your hoofs. In the wind, I will see your mane. In the sun, I will see the shine in your eyes. I love you, My dear old friend.

Rebecca Overton
copyright 2002


Sunny thank you for giving my boys self esteem by allowing such little hands to guide you
13, Sep 2002
Becky, Nick, Joshua and Colton