Sunny, Sooty 1, Sooty 2, Inky by Annie / Annie

I miss you guys.
You were some really great gerbies and
I got really attached to you.

Sunny, I’m so sorry Jamie knelt on you – he didn’t mean it. Those 2 days together were great I wish with all my heart that I could have had you longer. I still cry about you now.

Sooty 1, I loved you so much. You were Inky’s best pal and she really missed you. When you both escaped I was really sad. When I found Inky thought there was some hope of finding you. We were just to late. Those days when we heard you and nearly found you – behind the sink, in the lounge walls, I was so hopeful but it was not to be. We never found you. I just hope you had a great life when you weren’t with us.
I really miss you you know.

Sooty 2, I was so happy when mummy surprised me with you, a new friend for Inky and a new friend for me. I remember introducing you to inky, when you finally slept in the same nest together I was so happy. When Inky died you were so sad and I didn’t know what to do with you. I really miss you. I really do. I hope you had a great life. Love you.

Inky, you were one of my most favourite gerbils. I cry for you and just want you back. You were such a fantastic gerbil and changed my life. O won’t go into too many details as you already have your own page. All I can say is that I love you and miss you more than I can say.


Love from,
Sunny, Sooty 1, Sooty 2, Inky