Sunshine by Rebecca Johnson / I love you,


I went to bed one night and knew I wanted to get a bird.I don’t know why because I never had a bird before.I just knew I wanted a bird. And I knew I wanted a yellow one and going to named her Sunshine. The next day I went to a pet store and believe it or not there was this little yellow bird all to herself like she was just waiting for me. There had to be about ten or fifteen birds in that big glass cage. I went over there and saw just one other yellow bird but she was with all the other ones. I told the lady that I wanted that yellow bird that was sitting all along. She put her in a box and I got what all she needed and took her home with me.

It didn’t take her long before we became friends. She also made friends with my lab/chow mixed. She loved sitting on my hand and shoulder and walked with me. She would fly on Trisha nose or head just to drive her crazy. If Sunshine would fly on her back she would just sit there and let Trisha walk around with her. She was the life in all of us.

But in Feb. 2003 I knew something was wrong with her and I took her to a Dr. and he gave her some medication. The Dr. told me she just had a bacteria and call him in a week and let him know how she was doing. Sat. night I sat and keep her on my chest all night long. Sun. she still wasn’t doing good and I thought it could be the medication. Mon. I called the Dr. to let him know that she still wasn’t doing good. They told me the Dr. would call me back.

I went over to her cage and got her out and sat on the couch and that was when I knew she was leaving me. She flip over on her side and I started to cry that was when her wings flew open like she was going to fly. I think that was when she went flying back in God hands. All I cry all day. I felt so sorry for Trisha. She had lose her big sister in Sept. 2003 and now she had lose her best friend. And for me I had lose
another one of my baby.

I will see her again at the Rainbow Bridge.
I love you my sweet Sunshine
but you will always shine in my heart and memories.
Love Always,

Mom, Dad, Trisha


Sunshine in my Heart,
Rebecca Johnson