Sunshine by Sydney Krivenko / Sydney and Nick


My faithful friend you always are
of past, present and much more,
your beauty fills me with pride,
slender golden form,
dark honest eyes open wide
full of trust and purity,
they know the secrets of my soul,
yet, do I know your heart at all?
Remember the joy and glory,
those summer days on the racing track
where you left them all behind
and drank Champagne from your silver cup –
now we’re both old and slow,
I cherish each moment that we have
to make good for the times
I ignored and forgot you,
let me take you once more today
to run with me along the beach,
watch your elegant stride
carried by the wind again,
pure poetry in motion
when you chase the seagulls
dancing on the ocean

Sybille(Sydney) Krivenko 2007
All rights reserved


With all our love,
18, Jan 2008
Sydney Krivenko