Surprise by Ellen Wittler / Ellen (and Mom and Emily)

I got Surprise for my seventh birthday. I was at a Brownie sleepover. I woke up on my birthday. My mom picked me up, and when I got home there was a cage with something in it on the dining room table. I looked in it and there was Surprise. I loved her for one and a half years. She had a good life. Today I’m eight. I loved Surprise. She was the first small pet I owned. I left the cage open a couple of times and she never ran away. Now, she is gone. I loved Surprise so much and now, I can’t see her any more. My mom is pretty sure she died in her sleep. Today is realy sad because, it’s the fourth day of third grade.
I loved her so much, and now she is a great memory. She was such a good pet. I loved you Surprise. You WERE the best pet ever.

I REALLY miss you Surprise.


THANK YOU for being the BEST pet EVER!
Ellen Wittler