Susie by Allen


Jimmy Stewart had
a dog named Beau and so did I.
He wrote a poem about his dog
and it made me cry.
I read of the friendship
love and devotion
given so freely completely
without condition.

My Beau was with me
oh so long ago
and losing him
didn’t hurt too bad though.

For you see I was young
and couldn’t provide
the love the rewards
for staying by my side.

A family with children
and a big ol’ farm
took him to live
where he’d be safe from harm.

But the years have passed
the time seems to fly.
and so then she came
Scarlett the apple of my eye.

She was my sweetheart
my buddy my friend.
Daddy’s beautiful pup
her love would never end.

We’d take a long walk
go ride in the car
Go sail in the boat
where one was
the other wasn’t far.

Oh the joy the pleasure
from that one spotted pup
What more could one want
except maybe emergency back-up?

She was so frail so skinny
but I couldn’t be choosy.
So Scarlett’s back-up arrived
sweet little Susie.

From the start she was special.
It was easy to tell
all it took was a tummy rub
to make things well.

So timid so fragile
so funny so sweet
Her fears were
calmed curled up at my feet.

Well now she’s gone and
I’m sure that it’s so
All dogs go to heaven
yes this I know.

Sometimes it’s said
what we deserve we get.
then for sure it’s eternal love
for this Angel’s pet.

Tears in my eyes
it’s so hard to part
Time will dry them
but not the ones from my heart.



11, Jan 1999