Suzi by bill & charlotte baker / My little precious fur child

Suzi, today was a hard day for me to let you be free. I know it is what you wanted me to do. I will always remember our good times and how you were so much like a cat. You would actually purr! And loved to climb even up on our necks.You were an escape artist and were a street dog until we got you. You were tough as you could be,I guess living in the streets you knew all about survial. We thought we would loose you years ago. And to my surprise you came out of it. But the last year when all senses left you, and lately hardly able to drink and eat. And seeing you so confused.And not being able to hold yourself. I had to set you free.

I love you little girl and thanks for all the joy you gave us.

your mom and dad


we love you forever and always
10, Jan 2006
bill & charlotte baker