Suzi by Brenda McPherson / Mommy

My Little “Suzi” Girl

(Tribute to Suzi, for Brenda, by Pug – Aug. 21, 2003)

When you died this morning I had no words,
Just a river of tears, to ebb and flow.
My sweet little “Suzi” girl, I love you so.

You gave me joy, you gave me love.
You gave me sloppy kisses and furry hugs.

As your soul rose to doggie Heaven I cried.
The pain rose up from deep inside.

You came in this morning to bid me farewell.
To ask for one last comfort, you knew me so well.

God had prepared your departure.
We all gathered round you, as He knew we would,
To embrace, love and pet you, as long as we could.

Our years together have been sweet,
Your Angel Paws walk beside me now.

Your wagging tail and familiar bow wow,
Will welcome me home once again,
In that special place God has prepared,
To reunite us again.


I love and miss you so much,
21, Aug 2003
Brenda McPherson