Sweet Lou by Julie Bova / Mummy

Sweet Lou
From the moment I saw you
This tiny orange kitten
It was love at first sight
I was instantly smitten

We shared a bond, you and I
A deep heartfelt connection
And treated each other
With love, respect and affection

You went to live in Kenora
I was so sorry
But I knew at Grandma and Grandpa’s
I needn’t worry

At seven years, you seemed so young
Who could have foreseen
That your time had come

You played in the yard
In the forest you thrilled
You’ve left a hole in my heart
That can never be filled

I miss your sweet orange furry face
But I know you’ve gone to a better place

To my darling, my gentle magnificent cat Lou
You were, and are, a loyal friend and true.


Sadly missed and loved Always
Sweet Lou
2, Nov 2004
Julie Bova