Sweet Pea by Kathy & Rich / Mommy, Daddy, Zeb & Daisy

Sweet Pea was the runt of the litter of three. Because we could not just pick one we decided to give them all a good home. Sweet Pea, along with her sister Daisy and brother Zebby brought us so much joy. Sweet Pea was so loving and always was looking for some love from us. Then we found out that she had asthma and her condition continued to get worse. We hoped that with the medication that we could keep her condition under control but it was just too much for her little heart to take. We lost our little girl on Dec. 18, 2014 and it’s taken it’s toll on all of us. Brother and Sister seem lost and well as for us it’s just heartbreaking. We will always have her on our minds and will never forget the love & joy that she gave us. We know that Kyle and Priscilla will watch over her and someday we will and be together again and that indeed will be a day we look forward to. Mommy & Daddy, brother and sister all miss you so much.


We Miss You (Angel) Sweet Pea,
Sweet Pea
Kathy & Rich