Sweetie by Lawna Storosko / Your adopted Mommy & Daddy

Our little sweetie was abandoned by her mother in our barn. We adopted her and she became our little darling. Her friend (& brother) Marley (a grey persian) welcomed her into our family. She was a delight; so affectionate and ‘talked’ to us with her little coo’ing noises. She loved to have her tummy rubbed…she would flop down on the carpet at your feet and wiggle around making her little coo’s until you rubbed her belly. She loved to cuddle with me at bedtime and would poke her little pink & grey nose into my cheek so I would pet her. She started to lose weight the beginning of Sept. 07; two weeks later she was diagnosed with Feline Lymphoma. I had to do the hardest thing in my entire life….put her to sleep. My husband couldn’t be there…it was soooo hard.
We cried for days.

We loved her so much and we still miss her. As I’m writing this, her picture is beside me. It’s so amazing how a little creature can capture your heart and fill your life with love. I doubt we will ever adopt another pet if anything happens to our Marley; the loss is just too hard.


With love to Our Little Sweetie,
Lawna Storosko