Sweetness by Helen Malinauskas & Joe Bielinski / Mom & Dad

We’ll never forget the day we found you and your sister sitting in a pile of slush on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. We had no idea how you got there but we knew we couldn’t leave you. Both of you were about 6 weeks old and there was no sign of your mother anywhere. We brought both of you home and made you comfortable. Dad’s sister adopted your sister (who will be 16 years old this year) and we kept you because we noticed you had a limp and you seemed rather fragile.

As time went on you developed other health problems. After many visits to the vet it was determined you had an auto-immune system problem. The only cure was risky, but we tried it because you deserved a chance. You were so sweet and lovable and fought so hard, but finally your body gave out. It broke our hearts to lose you–it was way too soon and you deserved more of a chance. We miss you terribly,you taught us a lot about love and determination. Rest in peace, sweet angel, we’ll meet you at the Bridge.


Love You Always And Forever,
20, Oct 1992
Helen Malinauskas & Joe Bielinski