Sydney by Dan Boatman / Danny

My dear sweet Sydney, oh how I have missed you this past year. My loving little teddy bear, it has been one year Nov 2nd that you left me and it seems like yesterday. There is not a day goes by that I am not thinking of you and what we went through together those weeks leading
up to your horrible death.

My heart still languishes with a heavy load of heartache at your loss. The many times I have looked out across the yard and have seen you in memory walking through the grass, standing by the shed. I sit in the chair in the living room and I look towards the bedroom hoping that you will awake and walk out and yawn like so many times before. I stand in the kitchen and look down at the floor hoping to see you once again. I miss you soooooo very much my loving Sydney. The joy I once knew of your loving affection is just
a memory now gone forever.

It is so lonely here without you. It is so quiet not to hear your bark, not to see your cute face peak over the door window while you await my return to open it. I hurt so bad Sydney. I loved you so much, the one thing in my life that I loved as much as you was taken away from me never to return. I look at your pictures and the video’s and can’t believe you are gone. Time does not heal my broken heart; it only makes me want to be with you again the more I realize you are not coming home.

The anniversary of your death, just as the day of your death, was spent with just you even though it was only your cremains. I lit some candles and cried my eyes out as I thought about you a year ago this day. I held your cremains in my arms as I held you the night before your death and talked to you only you were not there to hear my words. I still have all your favorite toys you so loved to play with, the last pig ear you chewed on and some of your soft hair to feel and the plaster foot prints I made so many years before that I can run my fingers across to remind me of you.

Thank god we have memories because it is the one thing nothing or anything can ever take away from me. You touched my heart in such a loving way that nothing has ever done before. Our bond was enormous, I loved you so. You were and always will be so very precious to me my darling Syd. It is hard to write this as the tears well up in my eyes because I want you back in my life as we once were. Sydney sweetheart, I miss you terribly, my heart is so broken without you but I cherish the day that I will come to greet you once again and then we will be together forever in all eternity. With all my never-ending deep affection and love, your human Daddy loves you still to this very day and always will.

I will never forget you my adorable four-legged friend, you are forever a part of my heart. Wait for me my friend, the day will come where I will pick you up and protect you in my arms once again. I love you I love you my loving Sydney.


2, Nov 2006
Dan Boatman