Sydney {Nickname Syd} by Harley / I think of you in my dreams, Syd.

Hi my name’s Harley. Im 14. I have lots of pets but mostly I have rats. I have 5 but recently I lost my best rat Sydney. I loved her so much; she was a fancy rat. I remember the day I got her, my mom and dad took me to the pet shop(Pets at Home) to take back my hamster. What I had only had for a week it was dying for some reason, so I decided to get a rat so we went and my hamster had to be put to sleep so I picked a rat; my dad also wanted one so we saw Syd and Ally(real names Sydney and Alabama). I chose Ally cuz I really liked his colour and my dad picked Sydney. Syd and Ally where in the cage together
so we knew they got along.

We took them home and they were scared for a couple of weeks but grew to me. I was there new mommy; my dad lost interest in Sydney but she knew me more cuz they both live in my room, over the 2 years me and Syd grew a bond.

Sydney got pregnant and delievered 10 beautiful babies; sadly one died at birth. I still cried even though I didn’t know it but I had been with Syd through her pregnancy so they were my babies as well. She was a brilliant mother but 6 weeks past and they had to go to new homes; she was sad they were gone, but I didn’t want her to get pregnant again so soon I kept her and Ally apart.

Christmas 2006 they were so happy to be together again. A month later I thought she was pregnant again but she was having a false pregnancy so after that I got 4 new rats Max, Ash, Smudge, Curly. They all got along except Curly doesn’t like boys, but back to Sydney. Recently she got pregnant by Max and her pregnancy was great but when it came to the birth something was wrong; it was 5 hours and I started panicking. I didn’t want the babies to die but especially Sydney. She was my best friend; my mom wouldn’t take her to the vets because we couldn’t afford it. I stayed up with her all night but nothing changed. She was bleeding alot; she let me feel her belly and all I felt was 4 massive babies she couldn’t push them out but in the morning we rushed her to the vets. He gave her a injection to make her push them out, but it didn’t work. He gave her a bit more, but she died 30 minutes later. I didn’t get to say goodbye. The doctor said she didn’t suffer but she will
always be in my mind.

All the boys miss her especially Smudge; she was like a mother to him. Im never going to miss you my baby Syd. You will always be in my heart until I meet you up in the sky and please look after Bella up there (she was Ash and Smudge’s sister who died of a breathing problem)

I will never ever forget you; you was my first rat and you will be the first thing I think off when I wake up. I miss you so much bye bye baby

( In picture Sydney is the brown one )


Love you for ever and ever,
Sydney {Nickname Syd}