Sylvester by Alexis Mizrahi

Sylvester was MY cat. Not the family’s, but mine. He loved me I could tell. At the moment I am 11. When I first got Sylvester my mom brought him home from her work. He was part of a litter of nine. They were in the basement of the nursing home where my mom worked and 7 of them were put to sleep already. My mom wanted to get me one
but her friend took the two.

My mom was angry but heard a whimper. It was my soon to be cat hidden under the stair case. He was so beautiful. My mom took home a box that day and I wondered what was inside it untill I heard a “meow”. I was so excited! That night I made sure I got the cat to sleep in my room that night. He was in his little box with food water and an opening. I was in my bed. As SOON as I got in my bed, Sylvester cried. That night I slept on the floor in my sleeping bag.

Soon my step dad made Sylvester an outside cat. He was the WORLD to me! He’d cuddle in my lap day after day for hours. I’d sit outside and he’d sit in my lap as I covered him with my arms to keep him dry in the rain.

One day while I was home I didn’t see him. Outside I started calling his name until my mom came out crying. At that moment I knew I would never see Sylvester again. He was hit by a car, and crushed. My step dad saw him in the road and buried him but didn’t tell me until he felt it was time for me to know. I never even got to say I love you that morning because I didn’t know where he was. I hope you are happy Sylvester…..and I miss you and will ALWAYS love you!

In Loving Memory Of Sylvester.


10, May 2002
Alexis Mizrahi