T by Judy Butler / Love, Mama

To My T

Tweedledum and Tweedlydee,
Tweezer B and just plain Twee,
T-Bird Convertible and T-Bone Steak,
You liked any name I’d make.
Teaser, Tweezle, Tweetsie-Pie,
Tweezum, Teemster, Tse Tse Fly,
Tweedle-Beedle, Mama’s T,
You meant all the world to me.
I miss you so, my heart is broken.
You’d say the same if you could have spoken.
Now God holds you in His arms,
Safe from sickness, safe from harm.
The bond we shared was oh, so strong
That it will last my whole life long.
Until the day we meet again,
Watch over me, my dearest friend!


You were my soulmate
3, Aug 2002
Judy Butler