Tabitha by Nikea

Upon this day I reminisce
With sadness and regret
The loss of my beloved
Special “child” who was my pet.

It’s been a year of longing
Wishing you’d return to me …
For though you left one year ago
I cannot “set you free”.

Though time has made it easier
To go from day to day …
No one can understand the
“Special” role your life did play.

For every day you were a part
Of love and joy and life …
You had a way that focussed me
And lessened daily strife.

I’d hurry home to see your face
Behind that window pane;
Where wiggles hugs and cuddles
Brightened up the worst of days.

And now I sit with eyes
tear filled
You are not by my side;
And when I see the window
It is bare and bleak inside.

Emotions they are raw today
I’m simply torn apart …
For hollow wrenching feelings
Tear apart this very heart.

An emptiness that’s deeper than
The oceans … fill my soul;
A painful hunger bites my
Inner self beyond control.

For though time healed
the daily wounds
I wore upon my sleeve
I shelter from the world outside
Just what you meant to me.

No children was I blessed to have
My womb was barren … yet
You filled the void my darling one
My sweet and lovely pet.

To me you were more human
Than some others I have known …
You gave such love and tenderness;
T’was deep within your soul.

Now spring is here
and little things
We loved now cause me harm …
The walks we’d take
around the yard
No longer hold their charm.

We’re packing just to get away
And leave this home we’ve lived …
For without you to
share this with
I get no joy from it.

I see you as I turn each step
I watch for you each day …
Oh little one I miss you so
Much more than words can say.



24, April 2002