Taffy by Peggy McAlpine / Your Mama

A stray, pregnant tabby cat came to us and we took her in. We named her Little Lady. She had four beautiful babies here in our house; and this is when I fell in love with Taffy. We found a home for Three Stripe with a friend. Then there were three. I couldn’t help that Taffy was my favorite; but I loved them all very much. Runt kitty was hit by a car before she was grown, and then there was Little Boy and Taffy.

Taffy had such a wonderful, loving personality. She was beautiful, with her beige, brown, black stripes and her almost checkerboard belly. Her markings were perfect. Each side of her body had the very same markings as the other side, in the same place. Taffy has almost always slept with me…in my arms or at my feet (if Little Boy got there in my arms first). I could always tell which one it was (in the dark) because Taffy always gave me a few kitty kisses on my face.

Taffy LOVED lying in laps. If anyone sat still for even a minute, she was right there in your lap.

The world lost Taffy the other day. She seemed really sick; and when I took her to the vet; he said that she was having kidney failure and nothing could be done. I held Taffy in my arms as she quietly went to sleep for the last time.

My heart is broken, and I will never forget her. I will see Taffy in Heaven someday and I will be very still and she will sit in my lap as long as she wants.

See you later, Taffy girl.


You'll always be my little kitty girl...With love,
18, Aug 2005
Peggy McAlpine