Taffy Shania Wilson


Unforgettable Thats what you are

Unforgettable Tho’ near or far

Unforgettable Thats how you will stay…

It was the hardest decision we had to make to have you put down; yet it had to be done as  soon as possible.  You broke your back right femur that Friday, May 10/2019 afternoon walking around the kitchen floor and because of your age (17 yrs and more) and other health issues you had and with losing your eyesight, etc., it became necessary to do so to avoid further pain.

You were a strong girl and very beautiful, precious and adorable to us. You were so chubby and cuddly with the most beautiful coat ever! What a squeezeable charmin you were. You love to eat human food – meat, vegetables, fruits and a love for oatmeal porridge and had a great sense of smell that never fails. I miss hugging you, squeezing and kissing you. I am sorry for the times I get frustrated with you within the last two years when you became blind and was totally dependable upon us taking you outside and putting you up on the sofa etc., where you like to sleep.

We miss you so very much and would love to hear your barking and whining now. Its so very quiet here without you – a strange sense of numbness and emptiness. Thank you Dear Jesus for giving us our pretty dog, Taffy Apple. Please keep her in heaven with you and her cat brother, Beau.

Goodbye for now our sweetheart Taffy; you are truly unforgettable in every way and forever more thats how you will stay. We love you and miss you.  See you and Beau on the other side. Forever in our hearts.


Love Forever and Always
May 10, 2019
Steve & Noreen