Tammy by Sarah Robinson / Mommy and Aunts

We watch Tammy as she were born. She were the only girl out of six. Tammy were the smallest one she grew to be the size of a cat. Her brothers were larger. Tammy were the smallest one but she made sure that her brothers knew that she could take care of her self.

Tammy brought so much love into our life and our home. When you are sad or feeling down she will bark and sit and look at you. Then she will take her little nose and rub it against you are down on the bed.

She watch all of her brothers pass and she were the last one left. March 11,2009 she begin to get sick. We watch her pass out but we got her to come back to us. We took het to the Vet. She got some medicine and we had to take her back on March 12, 2009. The Dr. say she had a bad heart.

Tammy stop eating as the day pass she look around and went to her spots in the house. She just look at us. Then she went to the room were her brothers are and look at them in there glass case they are freeze dry. Then she look at her adopt brothers. She were telling them that she had to go were her five brothers.

Tammy we know that you were telling us thanks for taking care of you for 17 years and that you love us and we will miss you but we will always have you in our heart. You say that the heart were given out and you were fighting as long as you can. You just want to say thanks and that you love us. Tammy we know we could has tell it. We just didn’t want to let you go.

Tammy you fight until the end. God knows that you were fighting and he see the pain we were feeling. You will always be with us. We love you. Tammy take care; we love you and we will see you again.


Love you always,
Sarah Robinson