Tang by Annie Rossi / Annie

Tang, I only had you for a short time, but the day that I found out you had died, I was heartbroken. I pray that you didn’t suffer and that you had a good life while it lasted. I will never forget the way you played on Pearl’s paws, or when you rubbed up against my fuzzy pillows, or when you slept in my toy chest. And I will never forget how happy you made Nimbus.
He was so lonely after the death of his sister Ringo, but then you came along and you made his life whole again. He misses you. We all miss you; Me, Neil, Mom, Dad, Hazel and even Bogart and Sam, even though they never had the chance to meet you.
Say hello to Ringo, Fatrat, Blue, Pearl, Meg, Boo, Hershey, and even the fish.
I will see you all again some day.


18, June 2005
Annie Rossi