Hi Sweet Girl, Long time since I have written, but you are always on my mind sweetheart. You chose me to be the daddy to love and bond my girl. I will never ever forget you sweetheart, the way you would run to me jumping onto the couch and straight into my lap for our laptime together, how I miss that, my sweet girl. When I would walk to the post box to post my letters and there you were running along with me to a certain distance and wait for me to walk back from the post box to follow me home. These are some of the sweet memories that I shared with you my sweet girl and thank you Tania for them. Thank you again for the time you gave me to have the final chat and to say good bye to you sweetie just before you passed, I will forever cherish that moment we had together girl and I do miss you so so much. I know you are watching over me in spirit girl and I will forever love and cherish your time with the family. The family love you and misses you so much girl.

Loving you forever