Tannish by Charlie / April Hogan

It happened on Monday a few days ago I was coming home from school and there was this cute little puppy somebody ran over. I don’t know who or if they cared but I do care because I have lost a least 2 puppies I care about one is Tinkerbell. The other was a puppy that followed me home one day and got bitten by a snake all I know is I think the snake killed that cute little puppy but I have feelings for the following animals, dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, horses, colts and maybe some cows. It depends on how good they looked.

I am deeply sorry for other people losing there dogs it leaves A BROKEN HEART in us. Forever it will never heal. Until we meet our pets again I am sorry for everybody who has lost a pet my sympathities go with them.


With a caring heart,