Tara by Shirley & Gary Williams / Mom Shirley

My sweet Tara. Its been barely 2 months since we said good-bye and it seems like a life time.

My heart is so empty without you here. I miss you laying in the front room in front of me every night. You were never happy unless you could be where you could keep an eye on me. I have not been without a labrador in the house in over 30 years. How I miss the black hair all over the place.

I know you are at peace now and with Casey, little Nikki, and Bobbi at The Rainbow Bridge. I will see all of you there in time. I visit your grave often, its such a beautiful place overlooking the pond and the beautiful mountains. I know you are there and you let me know because everytime I arrive the wind chimes start chiming
even when there is no wind.

I miss your beautiful brown eyes so much. You will never be replaced my sweet Tara, I will love you forever. You girls have fun now and I will join you one day. I will bring you a new Frisbee and lots of yummies.


Hugs and Kisses,
16, Jan 2006
Shirley & Gary Williams