Tara Dawn by Cyndy West / Mommy

My Tara, my baby girl, my angel.

When we took you to the vet Sunday night, I never dreamed you wouldn’t come home the next day. I would have done anything to keep you alive.

I guess you didn’t want me to know how sick you were…how weak..how your little heart was just giving out. I tried to do everything I could but I couldn’t save you from leaving this world. If you only knew the pain I feel, the devastation, the heartache and agony. I feel as if a part of me is gone forever. Cuddles is looking everywhere for you. She is so sad. I let her smell your fur. I made a beautiful little memorial for you while I wait for your ashes.

The memorial will stay as long as I can breathe, Tara. I am going to keep a little bit of your fur with me always in a locket. I love you my baby girl. Please know that you gave me more joy than anything I can ever remember. I hope you are playing with my mom and dad, who loved you dearly too. Never did I dream your beautiful face would be in a gallery like this..but I just cannot find enough ways to pay homage to your love and faithfulness. I’m making a scrapbook of your photos and cards I’ve received. I love you Tara. Everyone misses you beyond all belief.

You came to us as a baby only 1/2 lb. in May of 1992. The tears flowed the first time I saw your pretty little twinkling eyes…and tears flowed when those eyes would no longer twinkle. You had so much fun camping, hiking, enjoying the snow, the sun…your bed…the kitchen!!!

You were the best baby girl, and you are leaving a giant hole in the heart of many whose tears just don’t stop flowing. We know it’s early now into your loss…only a few days…but it feels that the pain will never stop. I’ve kept your little bed right where it was and say goodnight to you every evening. Kisses and hugs.


Love never dies,
Tara Dawn
13, Feb 2006
Cyndy West