Tara {Wee Munchkins} by Linda Reid / Mummy and Daddy x x x x

God sent You to us on time For Mother’s Day 1997.

We had Lost our Beautiful Rough Collie Carrie, on 12th Dec, and we were broken hearted. We came home to an empty House, instead of a Happy Home, as there was no tail wagging, and big sloppy kisses to greet us any more. Each day was worse than the last, and there was no consoling our sadness.

Our thoughts were, that no other Dog could ever take her place, in any way, as She was Very Special, and we Loved her to distraction.

Three months passed, and I picked up the paper, and for some reason, went to the “Pets for Sale” section. There were literally hundreds of adverts, but one stuck out more than the rest, it simply said ” For sale, 2 year old Collie/Spaniel cross, to Good Home only”. I kept going back to it, but feeling guilty because of Carrie. For a couple of hours, my head was splitting not knowing what to do, but I realized that Carrie knew I had so much love in my heart to share, that she wouldn’t mind. So I phoned your house, and spoke to your “Mum” We asked each other a bunch of questions, each finding out as much as we could on the phone, and arranged to come and see you.

When Gran and I arrived, you were in the kitchen, and your Mum waited until we had talked a bit more, before introducing us. Seemingly, You were a rescue Dog, and when they got you, you had been so badly treated, that you didn’t resemble a puppy dog at all. They nourished and brought you back to health, but you had been left with a distrust of all men, and that made you really nervous around them. She asked me if I would still be willing to take you under these circumstances, and I said Yes..even although I hadn’t clapped eyes on you.

You came in like a Tornado, and ran right up to me, and sat at my feet, looked into my eyes, and I melted. You were all legs, and flying hair! But those Eyes of yours, I will never forget..Huge and full of love, and I knew at that split second, that I was going to Love you forever.

We put you in car, and said goodbye to your family,and the look on your wee face was a mixture of fear and bewilderment, as to why you were leaving your family.

We drove into the drive, and Daddy was waiting inside to meet you, and I had to come into house first, to tell him that you did not like Men..that in itself was a nerve wracking experience, because I kept thinking “This will Never work!” But the minute You walked in the door, a Miracle happened. You walked right up to Daddy’s feet, sat on Top of them, and looked straight up into his eyes, and the bond that began that day, remained until God took you Home so suddenly on the 9th January.

We went out as usual that Sunday, leaving you with your Gran’s Dog, Your Best Buddy Penny . we were only gone for 3 hours, and when we left, you were your usual Bubbly self. When we arrived at the house, You were just standing there in middle of floor, doing a Wee, which was so unusual..you were a little Lady, and never soiled. You went outside to “Your Park”, and the rain was bucketing down..You hated the rain so much, you could store your water all day if necessary! I realized that something must be wrong, ‘cos you went round to the back of the forest, and I sent Daddy round to see what you were doing. He came back with you in his arms, you were limp, and soaking wet. We put you in front of the fire, and dried you, rubbing your wee body and legs to try make you better. You did get up, but fell down again. Then after a short while you struggled to the kitchen door, and I brought you a drink. Daddy was on phone to the vets, and the only vets available were 14 miles away. and I was screaming that you were staying here with us, and if you were going to die, you would die in your own home, as I didn’t want you left in some strange vets, and put aside with all the other dead dogs.

We were told you had probably suffered a stroke,and there could be damage internally and I just didn’t want you to go. You got up, and wobbled to the fireplace, and collapsed onto your bed, as if to say “You are not taking me anywhere!”.

I got Daddy to put your quilt onto the couch beside me, and you lay, with me cuddling and kissing you until God decided he wanted his Little Angel back with him. A tear fell from your eye, the moment you died wee girl, and we are so so heartbroken.

We laid you to rest in our beautiful Flower Garden, which is full of beautiful coloured pimroses..where you always sat in the sun, and come summer, it will be ablaze with all the colours of the Rainbow, like the one you sent the day we buried you, To let us know that you were “Home” We actually drove through the rainbow when we went to collect coloured stones for your grave.

You brought us Joy in abundance, and each day you filled our home with Love. We will never forget you, or the “Maddies” you used to take every so often..you were Hilarious, and You knew that you amused us, and did it to make us Happy!

I read a poem recently, and the title of this poem is “Miss Me..But Let Me Go” But for the moment..We just Miss and Love You so much, time will help to heal, but we need time to grieve, and some day. We will be able to Let You Go.
Run Free, and be Happy, my Wee Munchkins.


Our Love to You Always,
Tara {Wee Munchkins}
Linda Reid