Tard by Brad and Angie Stonesifer / Mommie and Daddie

I miss her so. She was such a sweetheart. Given to me as a gift from my fiancĂ© for Valentine’s Day. I remember how scared she was when we got her home. But she soon warmed up to us. Soon she was returning the single note chirp I would sing to her every morning as a hello. She soon grew to love us. She was the most loving bird. She would sit on your finger, fly around the room, snuggle, sing to you, give you kisses and even groom your eyebrows. Every day when we came home she would give us that single note HELLO and want to give kisses. Every night when we covered her for bed she would give us a little goodnight chirp and snuggle up next to one of her toys. I love how she would hang upside down on her perch and do the wolf whistle to us.

I loved her so much. These 13 years I have been blessed to share a life with such a sweet soul. We will miss you terribly. Just so glad I was there when you took your last breath. It’s so hard seeing your empty cage and not hear your chirp. The other birds are lost without you.
I love you honey. All much.


With deepest love,
Brad and Angie Stonesifer