Tasha by Barton family / The Barton family

Our dog Tasha was always happy she never was tired of playing with us kids. When we got her we heard the story of her past her recent owner didn’t want her any more so we took her she always ran out in the street but that was fine by us because we loved going to get her.

She never went a day hungry; she always made sure that there was food in her bowl. If there wasn’t believe me she would let you know and she would give you that poor me look. But that didn’t last too long after we got her before we knew to feed her before she woke up. She was a very protective dog; nobody could walk past my room
without hearing from her first.

We knew that she was getting old; she had shoulder problems and hearing problems as well. The day after the fourth of July my famly and I left to go do some things. When we got home my grandmother told us that Tasha had been hit by a car we all cryed for hours me especially.

I was in love with her and she was our dog but I guess God had better plans for her than what had made. It was three years before we ever got another dog. We watch this dog very carefully.


We love you, Tasha.
Barton family