Tasha Kula by John Kula / Daddy

I remember getting Tasha right before getting married – she was a wedding present. I brought her to work with me and she liked it there very much, greeting everybody that came in with a kind meow or innocent look that said “pet me” or “rub my tummy”. Through hard times and good times, she was there for me always, with unconditional love and was always happy to see me.

On February 22nd, she did not greet me at the door as she always did, and I knew there was something wrong. I took her to the vet on February 24th, and the doctor confirmed she was dying with kidney failure. As she was in great pain, I looked into her eyes and stroked her fur as she made her trip to heaven. I will love her always and pray to see her
when I pass this life.


I love you Tasha,
Tasha Kula
John Kula