Tatanka Cheska

My pretty little girl. Its been 2 weeks and 2 days since the cancer took you away from me. You fought it for 4 months.

You were my angel, my joy, and my reason for being. I am so very glad our paths crossed that day in Martin, SD. Thank goodness, they were able to talk the family into giving you up. The doctors felt you would of died that day if they hadn’t of. I am sorry that you lost Kenzie, your best buddy so early on. Such a tragic accident but you sure loved your big sister. Now the two of you are together again. I imagine you two are running through the pastures, getting into the neighbor’s barn cat’s food, and being chased by cows.

I hope it was a good life for you, I hope you had fun despite mom bringing so many homeless pets in the house. I think you took a back seat to all of them after you lost your Kenzie Dee. You were still loved more than anything in this world. I hope you always knew that and will always know that.

Until we meet again, please give Kenzie, Augie, Sadie, OJ, Shadow, Morgan, Rascal all big hugs and kisses from mom. See you soon, sweetheart.

March 13, 2018
Louise McGannon