Tate by Sherry / Mommy


Tate this poem is for you and Gram…the 2 most important people that was in my life and did alot for me. You both made me so happy and I still hurt so bad from losing you both. I do hope you are together and watching over and taking care of each other. You have no idea how much you both are missed. You will forever be in my heart and there’s not a day that doesn’t go by that I think of one of you. I love you both! Till we meet again…Love, Mommy

Loving Memories Of ‘Mom’ and ‘Tate’

In my heart you shall always be my Mother,
Even though your soul has been taken away,
I still feel the softness from holding your hand,
When God whispered your name on that day.

On sad days the warmth of your presence,
Brush my cheek with the softness of a kiss,
Then it takes me just a moment to realize,
How deeply your love I do miss.

Fond memories I recall of a time you were here,
How in the beginning our friendship was weak,
And then when you grew to believe in me,
The day the goodness in me you did seek.

From that moment on till the day that you died,
Unconditional love and compassion you showed,
Helping me to deal with life’s issues,
That upon me some others had bestowed.

For all the times you selfishly gave of yourself,
Right there by my side night and day,
You always found just the right words for me,
As you spoke them in your own special way.

I know right where you are, you’re in Heaven,
With my little girl Tate by your side,
How I miss that special sweet companion of mine,
Who once licked the tears from my eyes.

In spite of the sad days from missing you so,
My heart grieves to see you both one more time,
Both you and Tate are awaiting the day,
When your part of Heaven will too be mine.


12, July 2003