Tattoo by Terri Sharpe / Your loving best friend and Mommy

I will be Waiting
My Time with my loving family has come and gone,
All of whom loved me must carry on,
So many things that you knew
The hurt you’ll feelin makes my heart blue.
No more pain am I ever to bear,
My attack some would say very unfair.
To take away all whom were loved
But, I was sent to the LORD above.
God, whom is in heaven shined through the night,
But also took away your shining light
But, We had many moments we shared.
Was a short time for you to show how you cared. But why did it have to end.
Will your heart ever mend.
But I am at our LORDS feet
Waiting to you to share my seat.


With all of my Love,
3, June 2002
Terri Sharpe