Dec. 28 1988 ——- July 9 2000


My husband and I got a 7 month old Pekingese at

Uncle Bills pet store in Greenwood.

We knew when we saw him he was going home with us.

This was 7-21-89 and he was the best puppy you could ever want as

part of your family. We had 3 kids also but he was a little temperamental with

everyone except me which he learned that I was mama.

He always had his tongue hang out never could understand that but that

is where it stayed hanging out of his mouth.

Well as the years went by we moved to a place in Mooresville In.

Tattoo was probably about 9 1/2 years old.

One morning he went outside and we could not find him.

We thought someone had got him or he was lost because we live in the country.

So when we finally found him 2 1/2 days later he had fallen into

a hole in the field behind us and could not get out.

He had hurt himself so he couldn’t get out on his own.

He was too far from the house for us to hear if he barked.

We took him to the vet and got him all fixed up.

The next time he came up missing we found him somewhere else

but right away. But since then maybe 4 months later he was diagnosed

with cancer. It took his nose first. Then it took some of his health.

He still ate good most days he slept alot he ran to us when he could.

Then one Saturday night 7-8-00 he could not move or be touched

without screaming out. I knew then we had to put him to sleep the next day.

I stayed up all night with him but he had a hard time sleeping.

So I held him as much as he would let me.

The next morning he acted as though he wasn’t as bad but something in me

said his nose is gone he is in bad shape help him now.

His pain was bad and could be again that bad tonight.

So my daughter Cassie and I took him to the vet and had him put to sleep.

It was quite peaceful but it still hurt. I know he was ready maybe I could

have gotten another day with him. Maybe not.

I hope he was ready cause I wasn’t. That was my baby and he knew it.

We would talk every night about his illness and about God though he may

not have understood. In a way it seemed as though he did.

I was trying to get him ready as best as I could about death as a human

can to an animal. My regret is that I should have let God handle it.

But maybe he did because Tatto did not have that kind of pain

for almost all night.

So maybe God was telling me its time through Tattoo.

Good-bye baby see you soon.

Love and miss you.