Jan. 16 1984 —– May 4 2000


I pay tribute to the best friend a woman ever had…

a little white Pekingese named Tawney.

He was brought home to me at 7 years of age and I really didn’t

want him because we had another Pekingese.

I see now that God intended for me to have him in my life.

This little fellow was my constant companion. Circumstances in my life

changed where I was suddenly on my own

and I was really glad to have him.

I wound up making two major moves and the little fellow was good as

gold during both of them. When I came back to Michigan circumstances

were such that I had to live with my sister and brother-in-law

and they came to love him almost as much as I did.

There are many things that warm my heart when I think about Tawney.

However the one thing that really warms my heart is when I

would come home from work Tawney would run around and around

and bark until he got tired out. I suspect this was his way of saying how

glad his mom was home. The last two years had been rough on him

when old age set in. He got arthritis in his back legs but I faithfully

gave him his medication every day which did seem to help.

He wound up getting a small cancer growth under his rectum,

but the vet operated on it and got it all out.

The last string of problems started the week of May 1 when he started

having seizures and not being able to hold in his bodily functions.

It was apparent he was in a lot of pain. By Wednesday of that

week after several seizures I asked my husband to take him to the vet

knowing that would be his last trip.

My husband tried to comfort me and suggest maybe it was just

a kidney infection but I knew better.

I sat with Tawney on the couch that last night holding him

tightly and I’ll never forget those eyes looking up at me as if to say

“Please don’t let me suffer like this anymore.”

May 4 was one of the most horrible days in my life.

Although I know I did the right thing I miss him terribly

and I am still grieving for him.

He brought me a lot of joy and I will

always remember him.