Taz by Alyssa / Alyssa

From the day that I first saw you
I knew I loved you so
I’ll my love given to you
Why did you have to go?

I know it was for the best
To take you into God’s arms
By doing this saddening deed
You no longer will be harmed.

All these memories will not be forgotten
Through all these cherished years
If only I could you back
to wipe away these tears.

Life with you has been wonderful
Even though you had to go
Now I know you’re safe in heaven
Watching over me down below.

Words cannot express how much I miss you, Taz….that day was the worst day of my life. to this day I can’t stop thinking about you. If only I could hold you one last time in my arms. I love you and miss you greatly. Please take good care safe in heaven. I love you Taz and I’ll never forget you.

I’ll always love you my little angel,



I'll always love you,
28, June 2004