Taz by Lisa Hawthorne / Mommy

I met Taz on Oct.15,2003 he had been hit by a car and left in the road to die. A lady down the street had witnessed him get hit she called animal control. Taz was not wearing a collar so we did no who he belonged to. When animal control arrived the officer said due to his injuries and the fact that no one knew who the owner was he would have to be put down. I begged the officer to let me take Taz to my vet agreeing to pay all medical expenses. He let me take taz.

Taz’s hip had been knocked out of socket. After his surgery he did well on his leg but we were not able for some reason to put any weight on him. In January Taz started to get sick he was not able to keep food on his stomach. I took him to my vet and had some test done,nothing showed up wrong. March 15,2004 I took Taz back to the vet and had some x-rays done we found out Taz had cancer my vet said it was nothing that could be done the cancer was everywhere. My Taz died on Monday March 22,2004. I often tell people that God always puts us where we need to be and I know that on Oct.15,2003 God put me where I needed to be. Thank, you God!
Thank you Taz for allowing me to love you!


Loving you always!
Lisa Hawthorne