Taz Parnell by Paul Judy and Ashton Parnell / In our hearts always, Taz

Taz was a fun loving full of energy, and loved life to the fullest. He loved me so much, followed me around every step I made, and waited for me even when I got out of the shower. He would be on me before I sat down. He loved walks. swimming was his favorite, and chasing balls etc.

I discovered cancer in July, and we did everything we could to maintain quality of his life. He was a fighter, and did very well at vet visits. I knew It would happen some day, therefore I spent 8 quality months with him. I would do it over in a heart beat! Even until the very end he stayed very strong at heart, and happy for me, and I thank him for those wonderful memories. He was my Angel on earth, and
he will be my Angel in heaven…

We love you Paul Judy Ashton and Max


You are sadly missed,
Taz Parnell
Paul Judy and Ashton Parnell