Teddi Ashley by Sue, Carl, Juli, Christopher, Gwendolyn, & Drake / All of us!

We only had her for short amount of time. We got her July 23, 2005 from a wonderful family who was willing to give her to us. Teddi was so spoiled as for being a hamster. We bought her special litters to help with her sensitivity to the colored litters. We got her treats, wood chew toys, fresh fruits, fresh veggies, and she had two cages hooked together, a bin, playpen, and all the goodies.

She was our first furry friend and I (Sue) wanted to make sure she was very comfortable. I had anxiety attacks picking out a cage for her. I just could not see a little animal being trapped in such tight quarters 🙁 We had her for just alittle over a month. She was starting to smell like pee for her last few days. I was just thinking she was just being lazy and not going down the tubes to her litter but at 11pm Aug. 30, 2005 I was getting ready to take her out for her nightly ball run when I noticed she did not twitch like she normally does when I see if she wants out. I freaked out and step back leaving the cage door open telling my husband Carl please check on her and confirm she is dead 🙁 he did and I just started crying. I could not believe she was gone.

I still have no idea why she died 🙁 there is just so many factors it could have been. Anyway, we are going to hold a rememberance tonight after dinner with a cake or cookie have not decided yet. And let the kids say goodbye.


Teddi Ashley
Sue, Carl, Juli, Christopher, Gwendolyn, & Drake